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San Fabian PTA Beach Resort

Pangasinan, San Fabian, Philippines
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San Fabian PTA Beach Resort Reservation

Classified as a " Class AA Resort ", this former presidential resthouse is in the northernmost part of the province of Pangasinan and lies along the coast of Lingayen Gulf.

In this 7.5 hectare property, one can find the resthouse, a pavilion, outdoor bathhouse / CR and picnic sheds/grounds. The resthouse proper consists of 7 rooms namely : a suite (64 sq. meter) and 6 Beachfront rooms 2 of which are relatively bigger (35 sq. meter) than the other 4 Guest Rooms (20 sq. meter). All rooms are twin-bedded except for the suite which has two (2) big beds. The suite and 2 bigger standard rooms are facing the shore while the other 4 standard rooms are on the right wing of the resthouse.

An expansion of its accommodation facility in the form of a hotel and hostel are located in an adjacent lot together with 2 swimming pools. 18 Hotel rooms consists of 1 double bed and 1 single bed and a hostel of 18 rooms with a size of 24 sq. meter with 4 beds in each room.

Its commercial operation started in 1987. All rooms at the resthouse are fully carpeted, airconditioned, screened, with private toilet/bath, and are relatively near the lanai-type restaurant. It is an ideal venue for family outings and seminar.

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